Pleasant Peridot in Lime Green for August

Loose Peridot Gemstones
Peridot is the birthstone for August and it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other birthstones.  This is my birthday stone and the ones I used to see in my youth  were dull and cloudy.  I envied my brother for getting the regal red ruby as his birthstone, while I had that yucky green.  NO MORE!  I have found some great Peridots as this stone and the color lime has experienced a surge of popularity in the past few years.  I have found there is a color range and clarity in Peridot and have seen stones that rival the expensive Demantoid Garnet.  They vary from a pale color for Spring to bright citrus for Summer.  Plus I now know, from the stone history and folklore, this too is a royal stone since it was the favorite of Cleopatra, queen of the Nile in Egypt. 

The Peridot comes from many places including Arizona USA.  The Manchurian seeming the best to me and to JTV hosts.  It also comes in various cuts and even in triplets.  A triplet is made from putting 3 stones together to create a new stone or as a way of protecting a delicate stone.  The top layer is Quartz on higher quality triplets and may be glass on lower quality.  The backing stone may be dark or light depending on desired look for the middle stone.  Most commercially sold Opals are triplets or doublets.  This stone layering methodology is becoming more popular in order to create lower-cost or different coloring in stones for fashion trends.

Rainbow Peridot pendant
When I was looking for something to celebrate the publication of my 2nd book (TAPP Steps in Time Management) last year, I decided to get something in my birthstone since the book would be coming out in August.  I discovered an Artisan-crafted Rainbow Peridot pendant on an internet auction site, which was created using triplet methodology.  The stone is really neat depending on how the light hits it and the angle in which you see it.  It can be a typical Peridot color or a Swiss Blue Topaz color.  We have even noticed purple and pink flashes upon occasion.  Since I won the bid on just a pendant, I can wear it multiple ways – on chains, wire collars, beads, or cords.  Liquidation Channel was asking for people to send in photos of them wearing the jewelry they bought from them, so I sent in some variations of me wearing the pendant.  They ran my photos and others on their TV show during different times on a particular day celebrating their customers.

I recently found out I have a red birthstone as my alternate or traditiona, Sardonyx.  This used to be popular for carving cameos (a favorite type of jewelry for me because I admire artist who can carve these tiny sculptures in stone or shell).  I have yet to find this stone in a setting and style I like or in a cameo I can afford.  I will keep looking.  Let me know if you see something I might like!  If you would like to find out your birthstone and the different alternatives, see by birthstone chart post that includes all 12 months. 

NEW IN 2016, due to its growing popularity spinel was added as the 3rd alternative birthstone for August.  This stone comes in multiple colors, but the most popular color is black since it looks even better than black diamonds!  Red spinel has been mistaken for rubies in the past..

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