Balloon Dresses Burst My Fashion Bubble

Yesterday the YAHOO News banner showed an item from last week on Shine.  In it Shine featured a slide show of 13 bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses made from balloons!  This is truly a bubble dress irregardless of puffiness or length of the hemline.  These dresses might be light due to the helium but wouldn’t that rubber be hot to wear?  For sure this would be one bridesmaid dress you could never wear again as you would probably have to pop it to get it off!  The short Shine article mentions the craze started years before the 2009 Las Vegas Balloon Fashion Show (see video below) with different dates that dresses were featured in Japan.  However, they really do not say when this balloon fascination started or when this weird craze might end.  I personally think this is one of those crazy things that should have stayed in Vegas…      What do you think?

If you love the idea of one of these bubble dresses, you can find a different video demonstrating how to make one at – remember not to use pins for fitting it to you or whomever you are making it for!

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