Getting Fashionable for Under a Hundred Dollars

MORE magazine cover
July/August issue
After reading the July/August issue of MORE (magazine for women of style and substance), I went back to the 10 picture pages of “Hot Clothes, Cool Prices: Everything Under $100” to review the options again. I like Destination Turkey mainly because yellow is my favorite color and almost everything was some shade of yellow.  I found Alaska to be drab, Capri to be fun and colorful (I would wear most of it), Nantucket was standard summer wear in reads and blues, and about half of Paris collection was worth considering.  If you go to their website this month, you may be able to see slideshows in links above from the travel section.   I loved the floral and coral dresses on pages 32 -33!  If you have not checked out this magazine yet, you may want to give it a look – but remember it is for the mature woman so nothing for the tweens/teens and very little for the 20-30 something.  The advertisers are high-end retailers so don’t expect many of the items other than those in the article to actually be under $100.

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