Low Cost Earring and Jewelry Organizers

If your share your space with others, then everything in the accessory closet video in previous post may not work for you.  Below is an interesting video that has a clever idea for organizing jewelry on a common clothes hanger in a way they will not get tangled.  Idea includes hanging a scarf or shawl and then putting earrings through the netting.  If you have your grandma’s old lace dresser scarf (or found a cheap one at the dollar store) it might make a great replacement for the shawl! 

I found one side of a plastic hanging shelf unit for closets and thought it might work for hanging bead necklaces in my closet.  I just loop the beads through the square if they have no clasp or clasp them over the top of a square.  You can get up to 2 beaded necklaces per square to eliminate tangling.  They are in color groups with long ones in the top squares and shorter ones near the bottom so they do not hang down to long and possibly tangle on other items in the closet.  If you do not have a lot of necklaces, you can do the same thing with a belt/tie hanger that has hooks on each end to keep them from sliding off.  Be sure to balance the hanger by putting items on every side – left/right and front/back.

If you want to invest in a hanger (without paying too much) you can use on the wall or in your closet that is specifically for jewelry, check out Bling Hangit (see commercial) or Bling EEZ (see commercial).

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