Organizing an accessory closet

I think I got closet envy watching this video (6 minutes was too long for so little info).  The closet seemed so big and almost everything had its own place.  One thing I would have done differently instead of putting lots of little holes in the wall, why not put up wall hook groups, special racks like BelleDangler  that have hooks, or towel bars to hang necklaces over?  I have known people who put up a section of cork board on their wall to do the same thing she did but be able to easily put in and move the push pins that hold necklaces or bracelets.  You can also use peg board with hooks purchased form a home improvement store on a section of wall. 

I did think her use of a scarf or piece of fabric as a way to hold and display her pierced earrings was a clever low cost idea (see how to video in next post).  You can find my ideas for what she could do with her bracelets on a table or other storage alternatives on this blog.    

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