Ideas to store or display fashion bracelets

Using shower rings to hold bracelets.
Wearing multiple bracelets is in fashion.  What do you do with the bracelets when you are not wearing them?  You should store them in a way that they will not get broken or tangled.  Decide if your preference for storage is out-of-site in a nice container with a lid or door, or if you prefer to showcase the bracelets in a creative way.  Do you have space on a counter top or dresser for them or would it be better to hang them on a wall or door?

Steps for Design
  1. Decide on the location and verify sizing and placement options if they are to be placed on top of furniture or a counter. 
  2. Pick out the preferred display method within size and location constraints.    
  3. Purchase the chosen storage method place it in the desired location.  Verify you like it as soon as possible in case you need to return it or move it to another location.  If you like the look, then move your bracelets into their new home.  If not, then keep it a while to see if it grows on you or you get compliments on the display.  If you decide you want to change, then consider another container or display option.
Cover Them Up
If you want a covered option for your jewelry to prevent dust or provide a sense of security, you may want to go with the traditional jewelry box with a lid and just find the right size for you.  If the chosen option is a large stand-alone jewelry box on the floor, check depth from wall to make sure it will be easy to walk around it without bumping into it. If you want a more creative approach to storing your bracelets, you might consider some single or stackable options in matching colors like tins, canisters, hat boxes, or lidded baskets.  If choosing a jewelry box, determine if it is only for your bracelets or if it will also store other items.  If container will be used only for bracelets, you can get a single or dual compartment box.  If it is to hold other items as well, then you will want a larger box with multiple compartments and possibly drawers.

Show Them Off
Crystal, glass, ceramic and clear plastic salad or punch bowls may work well for showcasing a large bracelet collection.  A large flower vase, a big fish bowl, or a simple bread basket could also work for a large or medium collection of bracelets.  For a smaller collection, consider displaying in a clear candy dish, small open basket in an interesting shape or color, goldfish bowl, short wide-mouth vase, a cute bowl, or other shaped container with an open top. 

Hang Them Up
If you decide to go with hanging up your bracelets, have a plan and a design in mind to create a look that you will be proud of.  Consider purchasing or making a strip of wall hooks or cup hooks, if you are planning to hang the items on a wall or door.  Also see shower hooks idea in previous post that is pictured here.  Or check into wall jewelry boxes that have doors that are picture frames or mirrors to do double duty as functional decoration.  Another option is to hang a figurine shelf and put small containers in each shelf to act as containers or drawers for the bracelets.  If you wish to hang up your bracelets but want to still keep them on a counter or dresser near your other items, think about using a metal mug tree or a wooden bangle tree or for those with lots of bangles or who sell them, try a bangle rack.  Or if you do not have many bracelets, consider a velvety-covered T-bar that can be bought at stores which sell jewelry-making supplies.

Additional Tips:
Sometimes beaded stretch bracelets or chain bracelets get tangled together or wrapped around bangles.  To prevent your bracelets from tangling together, do not put different types of bracelets in the same space. 
  • Hanging a small number of chains together will prevent their getting tangled.  Too many on the same hook will cause them to intertwine when one is removed.  If you want to keep them in a drawer, get tiny zip-lock bags from a jewelry-making supplier to keep then separated from each other.  The bags can also reduce tarnishing of silver.
  • Gently removing stretch-bracelets from a container rather than digging through a pile of them will prevent their getting tangled. 
  • The best way to prevent bangles from getting intertwined is to store them on a T-bar or tightly in a long container about 8 inches in diameter.  If you put bangles in another type of container, then do the same as for stretch-bracelets, gently go through them since rough rummaging is what crams them into each other.
  • If most of your bracelets are the stretch kind, then you may not want to use a hanging option.  Hanging stretch bracelets can cause the elastic within the beads to get stretched out and ruin the look of the bracelet.

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