Charming jewelry for any occasion

Bling at Charming Charlie store.
You have bought that perfect dress for a party, school dance, or for the prom.  Or maybe it was an outfit for a holiday, a wedding, or other special occasion.  Now what do you do to finish it off?  You add jewelry of course!  Do you already have the perfect piece in your jewelry collection, are you going to borrow it from a friend or relative, or do you want to go out and buy something new? 

If the last choice is your first choice, then decide what you can afford to spend.  Are you only planning to wear the outfit and jewelry only once or twice?  If yes, then consider inexpensive fashion jewelry that looks great for the price!  If the answer is “I will wear this often” then you can go with the less expensive so you can have multiple options to change your outfit.  The other option is to invest in some jewelry you can wear with other outfits as well to spread the cost over multiple occasions.

Let’s say you can’t afford those pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones right now.  Where do you find the best deals on fashion jewelry?  Many department stores have great sales with a few unique choices that you can watch for.  But if you want something right away, I say go to a Charming Charlie (their bags say CC) store.  They have great stuff that is divided up to make it easy for you to go right to what you thing you want.  There is the glitzy section containing rhinestones and faux pearls. They even have tiaras!  If you want color instead of bling, the rest of their accessory stock is divided into color sections.  Got a blue dress, top, or skirt?  Head for the blue stuff or ask someone in the store to point you in the right direction.  They are a great place to stock up and save on your layer-layer, stack-stack fashion options. 

Is it just me that loves this store?  I discovered this store when shopping somewhere else.  The cashier asked me if I got my ring at CCs, the answer was no followed with a question “What is CCs?”  I visited the store two weeks later and became hooked.  I haven taken visitors from out-of-town to the store and now it is a required stop on their next visits.  I’m a fan, but others have become addicts.  I noticed a lady standing in front of me (at yet another store) and commented on her cute purse.  She said she got it at CCs!  We began to talk about CCs and she stated she and her daughters go there every week to check out what is new.  If you want to see if there is a store near you, go to their website ( and do a location search. 

Well you guessed from the above paragraph they also have handbags. They have some shoes and boots, as well as a few scarves and clothing items.  If you are one of those girls that live in her flip-flops, check CC out!  They have some flip-flops that are so cute you could get away with wearing them under your prom dress or to a beach wedding!

In case you want the “Real McCoy” rather than fashion jewelry fro your special occasion, I will share a place for that too.  If you have the advanced time to shop and are willing to wait for the mailman, you can buy genuine gemstones, gold, silver, and diamonds from Jewelry Television at below retail.  If you pay for TV, you can check you television guide for a channel to watch their program or go to their website ( to watch it or browse inventory on-line.


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