8 to 9 pieces equals 30 outfits?

Good Housekeeping
cover April 2011
The April 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine features an article titled “8 pieces, 30 Ways!”  It is a 6-page photo article showing khaki, navy, white, and red mixed together with various accessories to form up to 30 spring outfits.  It really is 9 pieces, not 8 (April Fool’s?) since the “suit” is a jacket and slacks.  They did list the “twin-set” as a separate shell and cardigan.  (I thought Shine told us last month that the twin set was no longer fashionable?)  Does anyone now where to buy these 2 items as one-piece?  Most stores I shop at require you buy the shell and cardigan separate or the jacket/slacks/skirt suit as different pieces rather than as a single suit.

I would wear everything pictured in the 6-page spread except the navy scarves sporting the 50’s look.   The look reminded me of the little scarf my Mom wore while I was in school.  She gave it to me in high school to tie-up my ponytail when she grew tired of it.  I really loved the pops of red with the sweater pieces or fashion accessories.  Both big bags and clutches are in, so the magazine shows both types of handbags with different outfits too.  The magazine is worth buying for this article alone. 

This issue also has some other great articles on diet and decorating, as well as more style tips in fashion, hair, and beauty articles.  I pretty much read it cover to cover, which I do not often do with most magazines.  If you want wardrobe help or to lose 10 pounds, check it out online or before the print edition leaves the newsstands.


Anonymous said...

Good luck finding any of the items made by Nautica. I have been checking the Nautica website since the GH article ran to try to find the white skirt and the striped tee. I know I can find such items made by other manufacturers, but it irks me that the stuff pictured doesn't exist as shown.

Shirley Fine Lee (aka Meeting Wizard) said...

It can be frustrating to find something is out-of-stock on-line or no longer offered because its season or popularity has passed. Remember magazine layouts are planned months in advance so the best we can hop for is to find something similar that will work as well. Holiday décor photos of other people’s house are often shot in the previous year too so trying to decorate the same ways requires much searching and lots of creativity on the part of the reader.