My fashion choices do not make me old!

Fashion shoe in rainbow sandal.
I admit it, I am occasionally distracted from my work when I am on the internet and see a headline that I must stop and read.  Such was the case with the title “Five fashion mistakes that age you” in the Yahoo headline stream.  I watched the first video.  (The instantly following videos were mostly ads or celebrity looks so skip them if you wish). 

I liked some of the tips on the video and others I totally disagree with.  Style is who you are.  Wearing something old is now “in”.  Some celebrities even confess to shopping at thrift stores for retro looks!  I think if you like long skirts rather than short (or have ugly knees like me) wear the length you like best.  I see different skirt lengths in fashion advertisements everywhere from the micro-mini to the maxi. The hip “youth” stores are even selling maxis as beach dresses!  Do you want your hemline full of sand?

There were the matching purse and shoe comments in the video which produced mixed feelings in me.  I like to mix and match these items.  Sometimes I want a small bag (when I will be carrying it for hours) and other times I want a giant one (when I am traveling or shopping).  These accessories can make you feel fashionable, funky, or frivolous.  However, I feel much more dressed up when both the shoe and handbag are at least in the same color family.  And what about that chunky heel tip?  Should we not feel stable when we are walking in our shoes rather than wobbling on skinny spikes?  She suggested wedges as an alternative to chunky heels.  Are wedges not the biggest, broadest heel you can buy right now?  For summer, there are some neat wedges out there with the heel being artwork but there is barely any shoe at the top to hold the heel on!  However, if you are a shoe-aholic, that may not matter anyway.

I do agree with the oversized shirt that hides the body verses a tailored shirt that flatters the figure.  But I take issue with killing the twin-set.  My hubby loves when I wear twin sets.  But I do have to admit they sometimes make me feel like an old fashioned librarian or fifties school-teacher with the wrong skirt.  I balance and update the look with contrasting-color, well-fitting slacks or printed skirts.  Twin sets are also a great alternative to the suit when you can wear business casual at work.  Do you still like twin sets?  If so, how do you make them trendier or do you even care if you are considered trendy?

Judging from the reader comments at the bottom of the Shine’s webpage following the Thread video, many of the viewers agree with me.  Go for what you like and feel comfortable in.  Find a style and cut that suits your figure, and then get it in the colors that are best for your complexion.  Do not let anyone tell you what you can not wear, but always ask for a trusted friend’s input on what you should wear.  So take a friend when you go shopping and always try it on before you leave the store with it.  You do not want to have to come back to the store to return a mistake nor do you want to lose the money if you stick it in your closet and never wear it.

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