Remembering the Easter Dress

Easter egg hunt.
Today was a beautiful day of the dress.  Everywhere I went women and girls were wearing lovely dresses.  Pastel soft floral prints in organza or crepe were common.  Isn’t it great that the romantic look is back in for spring! There were bright, big, bold colorful flowers on cotton blend sundresses as well.  Yes, it is Easter and therefore the standard day of the Sunday-best dress in the U.S. 

Shopping for the dress and accessories makes us feel good.  Wearing it makes us feel even better.  So why do we no longer dress-up every Sunday?  Why only once a year?  I overheard a teenage girl say to her mom outside a restaurant “Let’s take a picture now why we all still look so good.”  Do they normally look bad or was she just expecting them all to change immediately after they have lunch?  Do we no longer care enough about how we look changing how we feel?  What is in a dress anyway that makes us feel more pretty or extra glamorous?

When did wearing our exercise clothes or sleepwear to the store become acceptable weekend wear?  When did it sneak up on us that it is also ok to dress down for Church or family holiday gatherings?  Have we lost respect for our house of worship, for our fellow attendees, or just for ourselves?  I have always said that God does not care what we wear, only how our spirit responds.  But have we gone too far in the not caring ourselves?

What did you wear today? What do you normally wear on Sunday?  What influenced your choice of clothing for today, if it was different from your norm?  How do you feel about clothing and/or fashion trends?  Let me know if I am alone in this…

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I think you are right on the mark here with regard to your comments about our choices of dressing attire during the holidays and regular everyday dress choices.