Jewelry Organizers and Ring Boxes as Gifts

Travel Jewelery Box
It is that time of year when I try to come up with a few good ideas for readers on holiday gifts.  Last year I did mostly jewelry gifts, so this year it makes sense to write about ideas to store or display the jewelry items gotten in the past.  A jewelry box is a gift that is always appreciated and you don’t have to know sizes.  Although, it could be helpful to know if they have room for the size you are looking at or that the color will go with their d├ęcor. 

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Besides jewelry boxes, consider other types of jewelry organizers as well.  I was given a Prezerve anti-tarnish portfolio to keep silver items in and I love it.  Once all the items were polished they were placed in a zipper pocket and so far not tarnishing!  This used to be sold by QVC and there is a video of the larger Calgon Prezerve Jewelry Organizer if you want to get the idea of how it works.   You may have to use Shopzilla or Ebay to find this line of organizers now.  Smaller jewelry rolls are also available and may be used as nice stocking stuffers.  If looking for clever organizers that can also be used as a display, consider the cute Little Black Dress or another hanging jewelry organizer with pockets.  You might also want to consider a Dorm-It for teens and college students since it can be used for more than jewelry. 

For ladies who love to wear lots of rings, consider giving a stacking ring case or window ring box that has slots for multiple rings or HSN has one designed for the larger bulky rings.  And for the guy who has everything, including multiple watches – consider a nice watch box with a window so he can see his collection at a glance.   Many big-name department stores will carry wooden watch boxes in the men’s department around Christmas and Father’s Day. Of course, you can also get multiple types of earring trees for the ladies and girls that have a large collection of ear jewelry.  These trees can be found almost everywhere at Christmas time!

Now back to the idea of giving jewelry boxes.  Your gift options include floor-standing wardrobe, armoire, over-the-door, on-the-wall, or the standard type to place on a counter/dresser top.  Many can be found via on-line shopping channels with payments stretched out or charged to the credit card at major department stores.  There are also really cute small travel jewelry boxes that the women who travel for work or pleasure would love to have to put in their purse so fine jewelry remains with them during travel.  For fashion jewelry, get a jewelry roll that can be packed in luggage between clothing so nothing breaks.  And of course for young girls, there is always the popular ballerina or princess boxes.

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