Three New Testament Bible Study Guides from Grandma's Bible

People, who used Have You Got Mustard? study guide to grow their faith, have asked me when I might do another Bible Study.  This summer I put together three books to cover studying the New Testament (NT).  These guides are in a study series based on my Grandma's Bible.  Each book includes my Grandma’s notes and selected verses she highlighted for personal study.

Every Christian should know what the Holy Bible says for themselves.  Study guides help  Christians dive deeper into God’s Word. All Christians should study Acts and Revelation so they know what is there. Studying the Gospel is an excellent way for new Christians to learn who Jesus is. Some say the four Apostles writing the Gospels seem to report things differently or even contradict each other. Consider how a detective investigates and interviews multiple witnesses. Each witness give the detective information based on their viewpoint so he can form the full story of what actually happened.  So each Apostle shares the story of Jesus from their unique perspective.

Below are details on these books and the subtitles link to Amazon to purchase 5x8” paperback or Kindle ebook .  For group study, discussion questions are provided at the end of each Bible book covered.

1.      Grandma's Bible: Letters to the Body of Christ is on the letters to the seven churches from the Apostle Paul, published June 18, 2018. 

The Bible books covered include:
I Corinthians
II Corinthians
I Thessalonians
II Thessalonians

2.      Grandma's Bible: Letters to the Followers of Christ is on letters to Christians, published July 10, 2018.  

Books covered include:
I Timothy
II Timothy
I Peter
II Peter
I John
II John
III John

3.      Grandma's Bible: The Gospel and Signs of Christ is on the 4 Gospels, so Christians learn who Jesus is. It includes signs of Jesus in "The Acts of the Apostles" and of his second coming in "Revelation of Saint John the Divine", published July 24, 2018.

The Bible books covered include:

Why did I choose these cover colors?  Green is for spiritual Growth, which was the purpose of letters written to Christians.  Red represents Words (and Blood) of Christ, so the books of the Bible in that guide include lots of red-letter text for Jesus speaking.

All the above guides recommend studying the Bible using at least two versions and have lots of space for note-taking.  This can be done with versions of print Bibles or on-line.  Verses in these Bible Study guides to re-read are formatted so they may be easily copied from e-book version to paste into electronic Bibles.  Underlined verses are those that included a handwritten margin note by my Grandma, which shows in the image at beginning of personal study. is an excellent source of multiple Bible versions on-line.  Check out how to view multiple versions on one screen from their instructional blog post.   If you want to dive deeper for your notes, BibleGateway also has a few  FREE options under the Study link.  This link is to the right of the verses.  To find out about these options, check out how to use commentaries, study Bibles, and more on their blog.  

Interesting finds in the week following publication of last book in NT series when doing searches of my chosen series name. I found a few wonderful things to share.  On the Godly Women Blog,  I found examples of Christian grandmothers, each of which reminded me of parts of my own Grandma's character.  On Nona Kelley Carver's poetry site, I found a poem about her Grandma's Bible.  (You can find my poetry and other books on my site.)  Also there was  that this old "Grandma's Bible" song from 2008 album recording by the Heritage Singers.  These song lyrics emphasize the importance of both Grandmas and the Holy Bible.  You can still buy the vintage CD on Amazon or on the singers website from the link above.  Lastly, I found this audio story regarding a lost/found Grandma's Bible on Guidelines International Ministry site.

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