America’s Patriotic Music to Celebrate U.S. Independence

In Church yesterday, instead of the usual choruses or hymns, we sang songs of America.  Since I posted on the Pledge of Allegiance, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on some of the most popular patriotic songs.  When I began my research, I found other bloggers had the same great idea.

I liked the Top 100 Songs of American Patriotism since it included tunes from multiple genres, besides traditional marches and anthems, there are country and rock options.  You will have to scroll down past ads and links to other posts before the song list starts, but it is worth a look.  The songs are listed starting with #100 and going to #1, which is the national anthem.   Within the song description you may find some historical information and occasional rants about political correctness – I’m ok with it since I sometimes get into rants too.  Some of the songs listed reference 9/11 as their inspiration.

If you like the songs and want to check out some American history as well see this short list of books and websites.  If you agree that America needs to continue using songs that mention our Christian heritage and keep “In God We Trust” in the hearts of citizens, you may want to check out how the USA has its foundation in the Bible.

Since I know some people do not know the words to many of the United States older songs or choose not to sing them since they often mention God, I also include Patriotic Song Lyrics from the USA Flag Site here, so you may print any that you wish to sing during your Independence Day celebrations.

If you want to hear any of the 100 songs mentioned above, the blogger does include links to some videos on YouTube.  If a link is not included, you may want to do your own search on YouTube or Amazon to listen.  To do so, use the song title and artist from the blogger’s list.  Below is one if the many videos on YouTube with American Patriotic Songs and Marches (this 1 is over 35 minutes).  If you want to play traditional music at your celebration, then consider this one or look at the many longer versions that you can run on a loop during your picnic or party.  Check this older July 4th post for a slide show to use or search for your own on YouTube.

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