Understanding America and its Fundamental Heritage

The Constitution Made Easy
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It is another crucial time in American history!  For everyone to make the right decisions, we need to understand our country’s history and the intentions of our forefathers.  Below  are a few books to help us understand the past of the United States, our fundamental documents (image at left), and then begin to know what they mean for the future of the USA and it’s citizens.   

Purchase and read the "Understanding America" series 
via Enthea/Ariel Press paperback books
  1. The Spirit of America: Understanding America
  2. We Hold These Truths: Understanding the Declaration of Independence
  3. We the People: Understanding the Constitution
  4. The Enumeration of Rights: Understanding the Bill of Rights
  5. Capitalism 101: Understanding the Free Market 
    Download and read "Understanding America" PDF
    series of interest from The Heritage Foundation website

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