What Kind of Idea is No-restriction Restrooms Anyway?

Wait! Before we go making new laws or restrooms, do we already have a usable option as Uni-sex restroom in most public buildings?  I believe they are often called Family restrooms and the sign on (or next to the door) shows a MaleFemale, and a baby, child, or wheelchair.  Has anyone ever seen a line outside of these non-discriminatory restrooms?  No! So then these restrooms could possibly do double- duty as Uni-Sex. Well what do you know – the All Gender restroom issue was solved decades ago!  Now people no longer need to think about spending money on new restrooms or debating gender discrimination.  However, if someone feels the 3-person sign does not work, the building owners might choose to splurge for a new sign, if they are asked nicely.

All Gender (formerly known as the gender neutral term of Uni-Sex) restrooms are a useless follow-through of a non-requested concession for a minority as a random attempt at political correctness that may actually hurt the majority.  Changing the signs (a cheap way to make changes) on restrooms to make them “all-inclusive” is not right because children and adults, who will be uncomfortable utilizing a restroom with a gender other than their own, may choose to “hold it in” rather than go to the restroom.  This will result in various health problems. Sounds like the vocal minority may again be bullying the “afraid to speak-up” majority with this issue.   Seems like the only people this idea helps are perverts, since they should be able to go to any restroom wherever and watch anyone whenever they want.  Maybe the few people touting this have not thought of that …

Which side are you on?  You may want to check these posts to see.

A better option is to keep Male and Female separate mass restrooms as is and then designate a few single-user Uni-Sex restrooms.  These would be for those undergoing medical procedures, or psychological issues, or those who are confused as to what they really are, and anyone uncomfortable going to a standard gender restroom.  If the building already has enough restrooms, simply change one or two to the new designation with a sign.  If the building does not have enough restrooms to designate a specialized restroom, then make a decision to either spend money to create a small one for All Gender purpose or forget about having a special restroom.  Some fear having a specifically designated restroom may lead to bullying of the minority who would use it.  Yet, that is also the argument others use for not forcing these same people to use the Male/Female gender restroom associated with their birth.  Do we really believe that will happen? If anyone does, then we need to spend more time on teaching people how to respect each other rather than spending money of restrooms. 

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