Greenery Gemstones for This Year’s Fashionista

Last year, I did a post of Pantone’s 2 colors of the year.  This year, they chose a color nomenclature that has an “everything green” thought behind it, even though they mean a specific color of green.  As a result - fashion, jewelry, and interior designers are going crazy using all sorts of versions of green or telling us different combinations of color to use with green.

If you want to be fashionable but don’t like want “fashion jewelry” because you prefer to wear the “real stuff.” You are in luck! There are a lot of gemstones that come in green to mix and match with this year’s color greenery.  For example, you can get the two birthstones of emerald (higher priced precious stone) and peridot (low to high price due to quality and color semi-precious.  These two should be the easy to find at your local jewelry or department store.  If you want different green gemstones that others may not have, you can check the chart below for ideas and check on-line shopping sites for the colors that best fit your style or color season.  These is by no means a complete list of green minerals, consider it a place to start for stones you may actually find, most are affordable but not all…

Green Gemstones
Transparent to Translucent Gems
Semi-translucent to Opaque Stones
Garnets: Demantoid + Tsavorite

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