Color of the Year in Rose Pink and Serenity Blue Gemstones

The Pantonecolor of the year for 2016 is two different colors for the first time ever.  Both are pastel versions of blue and pink.  The pink is named after the gemstone Rose Quartz.  This is not the first time that the color was a jewel-tone.  The blue color is called Serenity, which is a sky blue although some are calling it aqua or ocean blue.  In the Panton link above, they suggest other fashion colors you may want to mix or blend with the colors of the year.  Whether you choose to wear the pastels colors in clothing or mix it into your jewelry, below are some ideas for gemstones to look for that will go with light to bright to dark versions of these colors.  The table has the gemstones listed from what is typically least expensive to those that are more expensive.  However Rose Quartz may become more expensive since it is being pushed for the year.  Blue Topaz can vary in price range as the darker colors require more time to create.  But topaz will be the most easily found gemstone in the transparent blues.

Pink Gemstones
Transparent to Translucent Gems
Semi-translucent to Opaque Stones
Rose Quartz (rarer than cloudy version)
Rose de France Amethyst
Pink Topaz
Pink Sapphire (fancy color)
Pink Tourmaline 
Pink Diamond
Rose Quartz (most sought after version)
Pink Chalcedony
Pink Mother of Pearl
Milky Morganite
Pink Pearl
Pink Coral

Blue Gemstones
Transparent to Translucent Gems
Semi-translucent to Opaque Stones
Blue Topaz (in more shades than image suggests)
Apatite (comes in green or blue shades)
Sapphire (clear bright versions rare or lab-created)
Tanzanite (comes in purple or blue shades)
Blue Diamond
Blue Agate
Blue Chalcedony
Sapphire (standard darker colors)
Milky Aquamarine

For more on the Pantone colors over the years, check out their infographic  50 Years inColor or their text page 40Years of Color anniversary page.  

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