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In my 21-Day Belly post, I gave the results of phase one of my battles to reduce the size of my belly bulge.  I could see the weight loss in my face as it went from square back to oval.  And feel the weight relief in my knees even though I had not completely reached my weight loss goal.  I could also see the few inches disappear around my waist as what was a rectangular frame when looking in the mirror, was now appeared more like an hourglass figure.   Plus my fat pants are now too big and I can wear some of the regular sizes in my closet.  However, I could still see too much of a belly bulge when I turned sideways or looked down. And I’m still larger around the middle than the recommendation for my frame. What to do now?

Phase 2 GOAL = lose 10 pounds plus 3 not lost in phase 1 for total of 13 more pounds
Week 4 = Lost 2 pounds and 0 inches around waist
Week 5 = Lost 3 pounds plus 1 inch around waist
*Week 6 = Lost 0 pounds plus gained 1/2 inch around waist (@Christmas)
*Week 7 = Lost 3 pounds plus lost 1/2 inch around waist
*Week 8 = Lost 0 pounds plus and 1/2 inch around waist
*Week 9 = Lost 0 pounds and 0 inches around waist
Week 10 = Lost 1 pound plus lost 1/2 inch around waist
Week 11 = Lost 1 pound plus lost gained 1/2 inch around waist
Week 12 = Lost 3 pounds plus lost 1/2 inch around waist

*NOTE: Just before week 6, I got sore throat and bad cough which resulted in sore ribs so I could not do any exercises nor did I eat much.  I had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics! So Doc put me on white starch diet for most of week 7 and then a different med week 8.  New meds gave me major headaches and some dizziness!  Finally felt better about midway of week 9.  

I realize that the actual belly trimming was most likely due to the exercising along with walking, as just weight loss could result in some floppy flabbiness below the waistline.  So I dug out a Flat Abs DVD that promised results in 10 minutes a day to add to what I was doing from the diet book in previous weeks.  To my surprise the 10-minute section of my video only had one new exercise that was not already in the routine I was doing from the diet book and the Back Owner’s Manual that my back surgeon gave me.  Also, the DVD only had me do 8 repetitions of each exercise.  The diet book suggested starting at 10 reps and working up to 20 reps on its exercises.  There is also a longer routine on the DVD, which I might try as phase three, if the 10 minutes DVD plus the 10-15 minutes I am already doing with the two books does not continue to show better belly results.

The DVD I have is no longer available, since I go it a few years ago at a movie rental store going out of business sale.  Below are two flat belly DVDs with 10-minute options from Amazon.

I also bought the store version of SlimFast pre-made shakes in cans to replace making smoothies when I am in a morning rush (or the thought of a smoothie during my illness made me fell more sick) and do not want to wait.  There are many other diet options out there.  I know people who are having weight loss and feel good success with Ketogenic (aka ketonic & ketosis) and HerbaLife.  For the best results that you can maintain, consider a program that teaches you to eat healthier rather than just giving you special food for a certain amount of time.

What is the next phase to Fight theBelly Bulge?

Always consult a doctor before starting a diet or exercise program!

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