Little Girls Want a Doll for Christmas - doll 2

Bride Doll
In part 1, I promised another doll story.  Here it is.

One year, at my Grandma’s house all the girls between certain ages got a tall Bride Doll for Christmas.  It was called a walking doll because you could hold its hand and pretend it walked beside you.  But it really did not walk.  It arms did move up and down, and you could bend the legs to make it sit. 

Once we were too old for dolls or if the bridal dress got torn, Grandma P converted the bride doll to what she called a bed doll.  She made a long circle skirted dress for the doll.  When you put the doll on your bed, you fanned out the skirt into a circle that covered the dolls legs, your pillow, and the entire width of the top of a twin bed.   It bacame a decoration instead of a toy.

I still have this doll too.  I don’t know what happened to my original bridal dress and veil.  Grandma did make the doll into a bed doll with a dress in my favorite color.  Over the years that organza dress also wore out.  

I found a copy of a doll dress pattern about the size of my doll in a magazine and altered it to fit my doll’s measurements to create a new wedding dress and matching veil.  I used wide lace and made the skirt layers of ruffles the width of the lace.  I choose beige rather than white to give the dress a vintage feel.   The doll now stands on a shelf in my home office.

Come back for part 3 tomorrow.

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