Little Girls Want a Doll for Christmas - doll 3

Walking Doll
My story of Christmas dolls is continued below.

For two Christmases, I asked for a Baby First Steps doll (see video).  It was a new battery-powered doll that walked a few steps and looked like a toddler rather than a baby doll.  When I finally got my doll, I named it Mary which was the girl name I liked best at the time.  For my birthday and the following Christmas, I got outfits made to fit this doll.  My Grandma P handmade most of the doll outfits for me and my cousins.

My cousin Sherry got the Baby First steps that talked.  This did not really bother me; I always felt those dolls that you pull the string on were really not so fun.  They never said what you wanted them to say when you wanted it.  Instead they said only "Mommy", cried, or you got a sequence of 4-5 phrases.  How unimaginative!  I would rather make the crying sound myself or create a cute phrase from my baby.

This doll was so popular at my house because it moved on its own.  I could even get my brothers to play with me and the Baby First steps doll.  I would be at one end of the hall and one of my brothers would be at the other end.  They would turn her on when I called out “walk to momma” and send her my way.  Sometimes their aim was not too straight and she would hit a wall.

If you are looking for a doll that walks for your little girl, you can still find Baby First Steps on e-bay.  Or check the local toy store or Amazon for the newest version.  At the time I wrote this post, the current walking and/or talking toddler doll is called Baby Alive or Wanna Walk.

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