Honoring My Sunday School Teacher

Last month, I attended the funeral of a wonderful lady.  She was my “teen” Sunday School teacher from 7th to 12th grade.  We all loved Sister Mac and did not look forward to graduating from her class to “college and career.”  We wanted to be with her forever as she always made each us feel cherished. 

She gave us respect and encouragement as future adults.  We were not always the most attentive or prepared bunch, but we were respectful towards her.  And she expected us to be respectful of each other as well.   She never doubted our abilities and was always complimentary for any effort we made inside and outside of class.  We knew she cared for us because she sent each of us a card on our birthday and a “missed you” card if we were not at Sunday School.  If she knew you were out sick, she would include a "praying you are feeling better" note on the card. 

I know I personally learned a lot from her Christian example.  I can only remember disappointing her once.  It was only once because when I saw the sadness in her eyes, I knew I would do whatever I must to never see that look again.  How did I disappoint her?  I did not pre-read the lesson for Sunday morning because I had been “too busy” the week before.  I was in high school, worked part-time, was very involved in school clubs, plus I had some major class projects due that week.  So it was easy for me to tell myself skipping this one thing would not matter.  It was the first and last time I did not make time to read my lesson before coming to class. I realized in that early morning moment that I had been one of the few students she could count on to fill the “quiet void” when she asked a question that no one replied to. My being unprepared made her job harder.

I now do my best to support those I work with and love those I live with.  I never want to disappoint or hurt anyone again because of personal laziness.  I think I am a better person due to my Sunday School teacher and her unconditional love for those she taught.

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