How to Repair a Broken Link in Chain of Necklace

My most popular video post on this blog was How to Repair or Make a Stretch Bracelet.  I did not make that video but it was the best availabel showing the technique that I use to restring.  I think this was popular because it helped many of my readers save money on buying replacements, since they repaired their old jewelry.  To help even more, I am sharing a video on repairing a metal link necklace below.  Never throw away your fashion jewelry until you verify there is no way to fix it because the store you bought it from probably has moved on to new styles and no longer carries that item. 
For fine jewelry in silver or gold, I recommend spending the few bucks it take to have a professional fix it.  You can find a Fast Fix in most malls and they will charge you less than a jeweler and typically can return it to you the same day, whereas most jewelers will keep it a few days.  To have real pearls restrung is very expensive, so you may want to check out Knotting Pearls video before trying to do it yourself.

The 3 minute video below shows exactly how I fix my broken chain links or jump rings.  You can use the same technique for earrings and bracelets as long as the link has an opening. Again I did not make this video.  I use 2 pliers as well, round-nose and chain-nose where she uses bent-nose in video.  I bought mine at Michaels, but you can find them on Amazon too. If the links in chain are soldered shut, then you either need to take it to a profesisonal or risk making a mistake with wire cutters.  To find out how to repair beaded necklaces, read Beads and Beading are the IN Things To Do post.

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