Organizing USPS Mailbox by Reducing the Clutter

Mailbox with Letters
Getting too many catalogs?  Then it is time to get off specific distribution lists for mail that is not desirable to you.  You can also have name removed from general direct marketing distribution lists.   To do so, scan catalogs you get and determine if it does or does not meet your current needs.  If not, before recycling it now, see if there is a toll-free phone number or customer service email you can use to request you be taken off their mailing list.  If you think you may want something from the catalog in the near future, and then decide if you want to keep the catalog or just the vendor contact data (toll-free phone number, web site, and type of products) in a paper folder or in a computer file.  If deciding to keep a particular catalog, only keep the most current release and be sure you always check your files so you can trash the old one when a new one comes in.  To insure replacement is done, always keep all catalogs in the same place.  Catalogs may be stored in file folders in a file cabinet or placed in magazine holders on a shelf. 

What about magazines and other periodicals?  Do you have more than you can read or are you getting some that you cannot even remember subscribing to?  Then it is time for you to get rid of subscriptions to magazines and newsletters that have little or no value to you personally or to a family member.  You may even be entitled to a partial refund if you call the customer service center and ask to unsubscribe.  Recycle magazines immediately after reading so you do not have all that paper cluttering your organized home.  If you are hanging onto a periodical for a specific article, which you want to keep for future reference, clip the article now and file it under a subject category so you can find it later and get rid of the  can be found.  Keep in mind that if a few pages provide the desired information, there is no need for you to keep an entire magazine or newsletter.  Clipping and filing immediately makes more sense.  If you really like to re-read magazines, pamphlets, or other non-book items, use a magazine holder to keep them upright in your book shelves. 

Go through your mail at the same time each day to check for letters and bills.  Have the trashcan close by to dispose of unwanted items.  On the letters you decide to keep, take action right away to respond, gather data, or file for future reference. Highlight the important parts of the letter to make your responses easier.  Respond immediately to get it out of the way. Use form letters whenever possible,  For bills, consider you options for action.  When filing any correspondence, file it by subject or project for easy retrieval in the future when it may be needed again.

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