Reading is Fun, but have a goal in mind

"Fabulous Fakes"
 Book by Tanenbaum
Yes, I love to read.  If I’m not careful I could easily buy enough volumes to open my own bookstore.  So what do I do to reduce the book clutter and still satisfy my book cravings?  I made resolutions two years ago to never let my un-read book stack get more than 5 high and to try to read at least 3 books per month.  So far I’ve done pretty well on both objectives.  

For my personal development, I also set a type of book to read goal.  For every 2 business books or personal development books I read, I get to reward myself with a novel as my 3rd.  I love to read a good mystery!  I love them so much that my son thinks I should write one of my own. HA! HA! Really, he was serious!  He bought me Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel for Christmas.  I have not started reading that one yet – makes my stack 5 high at the moment.

So how do I control the urge to buy another book?  It can be hard since my spouse and son love to go book shopping often.  I am usually in the car with them when they make the decision to visit a bookstore.  Anyway, when we go in the store I head for a book section that allows me to browse the big coffee table picture books in an area of interest like gardening or jewelry design.  I can spend my time looking at the books while they shop.  I never finish a book because I just flip through the pictures and occasionally read a caption if a photo catches my eye.  I never buy the books because I not only do not want to spend that much on a book, I do not want something that big taking of space in my stack or on my “resource” bookshelf.  Although, I must admit I have developed a fondness for Fabulous Fakes: A Passion for Vintage – RESIST spending $$!

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