Last-minute Christmas Gifts?

If you are one of those people who wait to the last minute to buy your Christmas gifts, you need to start shopping.  Many of the shopping channels and site listed in my gift posts from last year promise to get gifts to their destination by Christmas as long as you order 2-3 days before.  Many of the on-line deals mentioned in gift posts last year may still be available this year; however you may have to pay more for jewelry items since gold, silver, and labor costs went up in 2012.  So get shopping on-line now if you want to avoid the malls and still get the gift there on-time.  

If you don’t mind the crowds at the mall or major department stores, then you better get there fast!  Yes, the longer you wait the better the deals – but you might miss out on the colors or sizes you need for those on your gift list.  Before you take off, check out the store sites to see if what you want is at your local store and if it is on sale or note:  Kmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Penney’s, Sears (coupons!), and Walmart.

Do not be the person (as in the classic “Friends” episode) that goes to the gas station to buy gifts on Christmas because everywhere else is closed!  No one really wants a tree-shaped pine-scented car deodorizer or Twinkies as their holiday gift.  Well, I take that back - with the closing of Hostess maybe Twinkees are now collector items...

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