Christmas Lights Still On, Yet the Village Is Gone

Part of our Christmas tradition includes driving around and looking at the local light displays.  One of our favorite stops has been a large display in a fenced area across from a school in Flower Mound.    The people who put this together every year also have an occasional Santa for the kids and set-up a Christmas Village display inside a tent.  This year when we went, the blow-ups were up and the light strung across the fence.  When we went in, we found a sign apologizing for the village display being unavailable.  Most of Texas had a major wind storm on Wednesday.  This wind took out their tent and broke all the ceramic houses.    Below is the 8+ minute video they suggested visitors go to to see the village they had put together back in November for the 2012 season.  I really liked Trains, Multiple Santas, Walmart, Salvation Army, Golf, Elvis's Graceland, Blimp, Skating Pond, Nativity, and Church Choir.  I hope you play the video to show your support for their decorating attempts and that you find something you enjoy in it too.  I'm hoping they will get lots of views so they know lots of people appreciate the effort they made even though Mother Nature destroyed it.

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