Are you dressing for your business success?

RealSimple Magazine
October 2012 cover
It has been a few months since I read any magazine articles that I felt I should share with my readers.  Then the October 2012 issue of RealSimple went a little past fashion with a series on business attire called “Your Working Wardrobe” that I felt were must-see.  There is the 4-page article “What does your work look say about you” which contained clever illustrations and sound advice from working professionals.  That article was followed by a table of tips under “Can I wear this to work?” and the column “Pet Peeves of Interviewers.”    Then came two photo articles with 4-pages dedicated to “7 Pieces = 7 Outfits” followed by 4-categories of best-fit “Work Pants” (hips, tummy, petite, tall) for the office.

For more dress for success reasons or business dressing examples, visit the links in To Be Productive blog post Why reconsider your business attire? at the end of this month

You may also want to check out the Dress for Success video to find an organization that can help you or so that you can help others.  Visit their website at 

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