Getting organized for the New Year

In my Jan. 1 post Setting Personal and Professional New Year Resolutions, I wrote primarily about time management and organization goals.  It looks like many of the magazines published this month are stressing the same things.  For example, the January issue of Good Housekeeping is practically all about getting organized and saving time.

Good Housekeeping
January 2012 Issue
My favorite organizing quote from the issue is “Outer order contributes to inner calm.  By doing a little each day, you can accomplish a lot” found in the article “Everything in Place.”  A great photo article was “What’s Your Organizing Style” with tips from Nate Berkus for the revealer (aka: piler) and concealer (aka: filer).  To get your makeup area organized, check out the “Beauty, Simplified” article.  They had more articles but these stood out for me. 

Their time management article “Too Little Time” was about 5 common traps: procrastination, perfectionism, lateness, over commitment, and priorities.  I talk about these problems and more in the “interfering problems”: chapter of my book T.A.P.P Steps in Time Management.  

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