A Dozen Organization Tips for a Successful Life

TAPP Time Management Book

If you are disorganized or have teenager who is, watch or have them watch this video so they learn from someone in their own age range.  In the video below, YouTube channel host AleexandraAxo gives a list of standard time management and organization tips she uses.  Plus she explains how she applied them to her personal life and school work.  T the bottom is the video and below I have summarized the tips she shares with article links to check out for more details.

1.  Start Small (1 day at a time)
3.  Clean as you go
4.  Prep the night before
5.  Create routines
6.  Keep related items in 1 place
7.  Have a calendar/planner (see 5 Time Management Tips for Planning Your Day)
8.  Use post-its
9.  Color code
11. Use zipper cases - Her bonus tip
12. Set alarms - My bonus tip (see 4 methods in The Never Late Call - Set Alarms for Appointments)

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