Kitchen Clutter Clean-up – Super Sink Storage

I think this is the last in my kitchen clean-up series, unless someone sends me a question I think could be a post.  This time, I want to start by talking about cleaning products.  One of the articles I read in October explained how to set-up cleaning products area under the sink.  Under the sink is the most UNSAFE place put these products!  Why?  Because small children can easily get in there!  Maybe you do not have small children at home, but you may have visitors that bring some along.

I have always kept all cleaning products (except dish soap) in the upper cabinets of my laundry room.  The bottom shelf above washer has laundry related products.  The shelf above that has products that are rarely used at the back of it (for those 2-times a year where everything gets scrubbed or major clean-ups before stay-over company comes).  The more often used items like spray bottles for glass, grease, disinfecting, dusting, and so on are at the front of upper shelf so I can grab them when needed. 

I am sure if you have read my previous posts on this subject, you already figured out where I keep my dish soap.  If not, I keep the dishwashing soap and antibacterial soap pump at the back of the sink for items washed in the sink or to clean my hands for food prep.  Dishwasher soap and rinse is kept in the corner of the cabinet above the dishwasher.   If I buy multiples of any of this on sale, the extra goes in the laundry room with the products at back of shelf until needed as a replacement for the same item currently in the kitchen.   Now, do you want to guess where I keep my tub and toilet cleaners?

As Seen On TV - Kitchen Gadgets
So if you do not put cleaning products under the sink, what do you do with that space?  With this really large space, you can store all those nifty kitchen gadgets and appliances around the pipes that you only use occasionally, yet do not wish to give up at this time.  If the appliance has blades, be sure to remove those and store them with your knives out of the reach of children.  This should give you extra counter space, which you will love having for parties and holiday prep.  Or if you do not have many gadgets, you can put a small lidded tub or a mini plastic trash can under the sink to hold the BBQ items until they are needed outside.  As another storage option, you can put all those great holiday serving items that only get pulled out once a year under there in their original boxes or lidded tubs rather than waste valuable space elsewhere in the kitchen that may be better used for items you need everyday or at least weekly.

If you think I missed something in the kitchen, share your tip in the comments on this blog post.  Or you can send me an email with your question and I may write another post to cover your problem area.

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Kristoffer Sava said...

Its a great piece of info. Make sure that the cleaning product is suitable for your kitchen sink, because not all the cleaners are recommended for every type of sink. For instance, in case of a stainless steel sink, you may use an abrasive cleaner. On the other hand, if it is porcelain, you will need something more delicate, to prevent the surface from scratching.

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