Kitchen Clutter Clean-up – Serving Simplicity

This is part two of my kitchen clutter series where I obsess on storage of serving items.  The first post was on storing items used for cooking. 

My serving bowls, casserole dishes, and storage containers are placed inside each other with largest at bottom and smaller ones inside.  I stand the lids in a square casserole or storage container that I can slide out like a drawer to quickly locate the correct lid.  Yes, sometimes at holidays I need to use the square container too. So until the dishwashing is done, the lids just have to flop around on the shelf.  But it does not stress me out since I know this little bit of clutter will only be for a few hours and I make sure the lids are arranged so they will not fall out next time I open the cabinet. 

Smiling Bowls for Cereal or Soup
Now we can talk plates, utensils, cups, glasses and other serving items.  As long as you stack them to save space, it does not really matter where they are if the location works for you.  In the case of my individual serving items, the silverware is in a drawer under plates, and the plates and salad/soup bowls are on the lowest shelves above counter closest to the table.  Why?  To make setting the table faster and easier! 

I use a plastic silverware tray for that drawer to keep things neat.  If you have a separate drawer (recommended) for other utensils such as large serving spoons, spatulas, knives, etc., you should look for another tray with larger rectangle sections to keep that drawer neat or put in several individual trays or baskets to hold the different types of items so it does not become a jumble.  Check out the plastics or kitchen gadget section at your local dollar store for drawer organizing ideas.  If you do not have an extra drawer for odd and end utensils, consider using a pitcher, crock, vase, or cookie jar without a lid to stand the utensils in.  Put them in handle first so you can see which one you need easily.  If you fund you have too many of a particular utensil, consider reducing clutter by donating some of the duplicates.  

Large serving bowls are placed above plates.  Platters (only used for special meals) are stacked on the top shelf.  Where are my cups and glasses?  Glasses are in cabinet across from the refrigerator for making cold drinks and cups nearest where I could make hot drinks.  Glass glasses require more space since they should not be stacked to prevent chipping.  Plastic can be stacked and it is a good idea to keep disposable cups on hand for holidays to reduce clean-up.  I am big on the idea saving shelf and counter space by using cup hooks under shelves to hold the mugs.  I also think for mug stands are very useful for big coffee drinkers in order to keep them closer to the coffee maker. 

I keep table and kitchen linens on lower shelves near the table.  I do not mind having to bend over to get a table cloth or dish towel.  And I know that if someone’s child gets in this cabinet, they are not likely to break anything or hurt themselves. 

Come back for my next post on what you might want to consider for that space under your sink.

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