Losing, Organizing, Researching, or Saving

I do not read every magazine I get cover-to-cover.  Instead I review the articles touted on the cover and then check the table of contents (TOC) for other items of interest.  This method saves time since I don’t spend time on things that are not of interest to me.  Checking the TOC also tells me if this is a magazine worth the issue cost before I buy as covers can be enticing and deceiving. However, I occasionally flip through magazines when waiting on an appointment or if it is a style magazine which is typically more photos than content.  All that said, to preface my review of the latest Family Circle (FC) as it might relate to this blog.

Family Circle cover
September 2011 issue
This issue offered 23 tips to help you and your family get organized around the house.  Instead of buying the magazine for just this article, check out the “Organizing from A to Zslide show on-line to get the tips.  It only shows 13 slides of which some have 2 tips in the text part on the right of the slide.  The final tip in the article was to get more ideas from their website, so I am encouraging this too.

The above was a cover topic under “organize your life.”  Another cover item promised “lose 10 lbs. this month.”  The 2 pages (1 full and 2 halves) for this article gave a few common sense tips for exercise/eat schedule and reading labels.  If this is all you do, I am not sure you would drop 10 pound in only a month, but it is good advice for a long term diet improvement plan.

What made this September issue both timely and well-worth my annual subscription cost to me was the “How to Buy a Tablet” article and the related tablets reviews link from comparison chart. I have been thinking of getting a tablet verses an e-book reader but was procrastinating on doing the research.  (Yes, we time management experts do procrastinate sometimes too.).  Here all the information was condensed for me!  Besides this article, I checked out FC’s on-line Compare E-Book Readers.  Now I don’t have to do internet searches on the different products and can stop asking people I see how they like their tablet or e-book.  All I have to do now is check prices and details on-line for the ones that sound like they best fits my needs.  Of course I will go to the store to play with it before actually buying.  Thanks FC for saving me a few hours of my time!

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