8 Boot Trends and How NOT to Wear Them

8 pairs of ankle and mid-calf boots from my closet
We all know boots are popular in the fall where it is cold and in the winter everywhere.  Hey, I have even seen women cooking their feet in boots this summer heat.  Anyway, I saw the Shine article on 8 Boot Trends for This Fall and had to check it out.  I thought some of the clothes were cute but on each photo I thought “I would not wear those boots with that outfit!”  Not to say I would not wear the boots because I love boots – just saying the overall look was wrong for me.  After I finished looking at the 8 photos, I was thinking shame on you Shine for showing such bad examples.  However, I should have thought – how ridiculous Redbook since the original article came from that magazine.  I also did a “yuck” on the 4 Fall Fashion Trends the magazine had on their own site.  The outfits might make you look smart but definitely not sexy as promised. 

Check-out the articles via links above and let me know if there is a look you would wear.  Do not worry I will not judge you because we all have our own style.  A look that works for you might not be so good on me.  That is why designers offer a variety of choices because each has a different client base.  ”What is in is not always chic, but chic is always in” or so I always say.  Feel free to quote me on that one!

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