Is current fashion for everyone?

Recently, I perused a fashion magazine while waiting for an appointment. As I looked at the designer duds – I thought:
  • “I would not wear that!” because it was too outrageous or just plain ugly…
  • “I could not wear that.” because it was not the right style for my shape…
  • “I should not wear that” because it was not the right color or age-inappropriate
I sometimes wonder if designers really know the shoppers or do they design mainly or their models. I think designers come up with stuff they know will most likely not sell to the masses just for the shock factor. Shocking designs get them noticed, which leads to publicity for their line. Being known means more sales in the future for the other items in their lines. Eventually when they discover what people like about their designs, they develop better stuff and create a following. What do you think? Am I right or just ranting unnecessarily?

Anyway, I think it is obvious I go for classic clothing. You know stuff I can wear anytime and dress it up or down. So I am about the give up on looking at the magazine and then I turn the page. Two-full pages of shoes! I am a confessed shoe-aholic and handbag-addict. So now I am drooling over multiple pages of shoes I think are gorgeous (a few are weird but so is fashion sometimes) and I can see them fitting into my wardrobe. After the pages of shoes, came purses and then other accessories like jewelry and scarves! Accessorizing allows you to change an outfit from casual to dressy, or from work-appropriate to fun and funky.

This is the kind of fashionable stuff I can get into. I am often designing and rearranging outfits and accessories to fit my personal style. Sometimes, I splurge on new items and have found some great places to shop I will share. Other times, I try to figure out how to creatively display my accessories or store them easily (like these
shoe storage ideas. If you like to do the same sort of thing, then join me as I rave about what I like and rant about things I do not on this blog. I will also try to share photos too.Please add your comments or your answers to my questions to increase the fun-factor.

I need to quit rambling now and get this posted. Got to go to Kohl’s, where they are having 80% off clearance items, because my feet are craving something new in RED. (If you want to see the purple alligator ankle boots I got at an after-Christmas sale, click here for YouTube TAPP dancing video


Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley,

Very good information regarding shoes. I love them myself and find your article very informative and fun.


Debbie said...

I can always use organization advice...have you been looking in my closet? Your article made me smile...LOVE SHOES!