Giving Children’s Adventure Book Series – Flavia, Harry, or American Classics

1st books from Harry or Flavia series
Are you looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a child?  How about the timeless gift of reading?  Most children love books, especially if there is adventure to experience a puzzle to solve!  You will find Amazon links below for several good book ideas.

You may know about the various American classic children and teen adventure and detective series featuring Bobbsey Twins (1904-1979), Encyclopedia Brown (1972-2012), Hardy Boys (1927-2016), Nancy Drew (1930-2003), and Tom Swift (1910-2008).  If you liked those classics and want to share them with the new generation, you can buy individual copies at many used book stores to see if they enjoy the stories as well.  If you want to get them every book in the series for a gift, click links above.
Of course you have also heard of the popular fantasy (1997-2007) series containing the adventures of Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling (English) .  Her individual book titles are listed at the bottom of this post if you are looking for one your child or grandchild may be missing from the series.  You can also buy the movies as well.  Bonus short stories in Hogwarts ebooks only.

Have you heard of Flavia De Luce mystery series (2010-present) by (Canadian) Alan Bradley? Flavia is into solving murder mysteries and science, especially as they relate to chemistry and botany.  Her older sisters are into literature and classical music.  So the reader learns a lot about science and is exposed to literary phrases and songs that may lead them to want to know more.  Below are the Flavia novels in order of publication.  Start with the first, as each novel references something in a previous murder.  My family loves these books!  Bonus short story only in ebook: The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse.

     Flavia De Luce books
    Harry Potter books

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