Cardboard Boxes into Halloween Costumes

Firetruck/Fireman Costume
I was looking thru an October magazine with two photos showing Halloween costumes made from cardboard boxes.  These included the standard robot and a cut-out for knight armor.  They just did the plain inside of boxes with no color.  I would suggest spray painting the knights armor black, white, or covering it with foil to look like metal.  I would also color or cover the robot body and not just draw on some knobs and write “robot” on it.  Anyway, it got me wondering if there were some videos that could provide more ideas using boxes.  Below are links to three videos with several good ideas.  Also, the photo in this post should inspire some ideas for making auto costumes out of boxes by adding a hat or sunglasses as part of the costume.
Fruity Pumpkins & Ghosts

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