Super-easy Fabulous Fudge Recipes for All Holiday Seasons

Strawberry Fudge for Valentines Day
with  Heart Cookie Cutter
What do you think of when someone says fudge?  I think of  the 1-inch sort-of-square creamy fudge pieces Mom and I cooked on the stovetop.  It was a chocolate confection recipe made originally by melting marshmallows with butter, chocolate chips, and other ingredients.  Then sometime after I was married the recipe became Fantasy Fudge and was updated to be made with the marshmallow crème in a jar.  I still make this sometimes for Christmas. Of course, I may also think chocolate because ‘hot fudge” ice cream topping (which is my favorite sundae) is a deep rich chocolatey concoction.  Please do not forget to put walnuts (most recipes call for this nut) or pecans (most southerners substitute this nut) in your chocolate fudge choice above to make it more delicious! 

Turns out the definition of fudge is “a soft candy made from sugar, butter, and milk or cream.” In the past few years I have been introduced to more flavors of fudge made using the microwave instead of conventional stove.  The four that quickly come to mind are:  peanut butter fudge, caramel fudge, peppermint fudge, and pistachio fudge (click to see recipes).  I liked the flavor of the pistachio and coloring it green makes it a perfect treat for Christmas, Easter, or St. Patrick’s Day.  The red and white peppermint is also a Christmas favorite.  Gingerbread fudge or coffee fudge also may be a surprising change for a large group or added into your fudge packages at Christmas.

This year, I discovered super-easy fudge recipe for all seasons and tastes!   You just use a flavored frosting to get strawberry, lemon, and etc.  It is requires only 2 ingredients and 3 basic steps.  All you have to do to make it is in the three steps below.

  1. Melt a 12 OZ  bag of white chocolate baking chips
  2. Mix in a 16 OZ container of cake frosting (any flavor you want)
  3. Put in refrigerator for at least an hour to set before cutting
  • If you plan to put anything on top or inside the fudge, have it ready before making the fudge as topping will not stick once the fudge sets. Make it more special by adding nuts into the mix or on top.  You may choose to put holiday or specialized sprinkles on top to make it more festive.
  • Vary flavor and color options of frosting for different events.  My first experience with this recipe was with strawberry frosting for Valentines.  You can make it for any holiday simply by selecting a frosting in the desired shade or flavor!  If you do not find the color you want, use a white frosting and add food color.  If you cannot find the frosting flavor you desire (say almond for instance), use a basic white/vanilla frosting and add 1 teaspoon of preferred flavoring. 
Below are a few more make-it-special ideas:
  • You may want to experiment with seasonal fudge flavors (like pumpkin or mint) by using the special flavored  baking chips made for a particular holiday (instead of the required white chocolate) and using a white variety of frosting, if you cannot find the desired flavor in frosting,
  • If you are making it for a chocoholic, you can do a triple chocolate version using dark chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, and on top put mini-chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, or shaved candy bar bits! 
  • Taylor it to a special occasion by using a mini-cookie cutter to create shapes other than the standard 1-inch square.
  • For a different holiday look, for a birthday party, or for bridal/baby showers; you may also desire to put the cut pieces into special mini-cupcake liners to make it look like fancy candies. 
If you try a new flavor of the quick fudge or come up with a neat specialty idea you want to share, please put it in a comment on this blog post.  Or if you have a different favorite fudge recipe you would like to share, please put a URL to link to that recipe in the comments for this blog post.  Thanks!

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