Organize Telecommuting with a Mobile Office

If you are a telecommuter who works in a company office some days and at home on others or you are mostly an on-the-go employee who is at customer sites more than in your office space, you need to consider how best to set-up your multiple work areas. You can’t keep everything in your briefcase or laptop case as this makes it look bulky and unprofessional, not to mention you quicken the wear and tear. Instead of cramming everything into one case or setting up two complete offices with supplies in both locations, consider using some sort of carrier with a removable or hinged lid to transport often needed office supplies. Below are two possibilities depending on your preference for supply location:
If you are mostly mobile, keep your supplies carrier in the car.  Otherwise keep it at the home office and take it to the company office once a week or month to replenish supplies.  This way transporting the supplies between multiple work locations is easy.  For paper products and forms, keep the majority of stock in the larger work area and then have a few on hand in a folder for transporting between locations for professional use.

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