Nevertheless, Attitude Adjustment and Thanksgiving in Adversity

In her series of books based on The Never-The-Less Principle, Marion Bond West  shares her concept for adjusting a negative attitude to a more positive one.  She bases this idea on the way the scriptures using "nevertheless" are written.  The way the principle works is to take a negative complaint and add a positive spin to it with the word nevertheless (never-the-less) at the end of the statement.  I think this is a great way to turn disappointment and adversity into positive thinking and thanksgiving for our blessings,

Below are a few examples that may work for you or as a starting place.
  • My son's ADHD has me constantly worn out, nevertheless, I am blessed with a healthy and happy son.
  • I have an illness (or injury) that keeps me from doing everything I want, nevertheless, I have others that are willing to help me with what I need to do.
  • My daughter's seemly constant obsession with things disappoints me, nevertheless, I have an intelligent and caring daughter.
  • Prepping for the holidays really stresses me out, nevertheless, I enjoy the season and am able to relax after everything is done.
  • My spouse  always watching sports is annoying, nevertheless, he is a good husband and loves me unconditionally,
For some examples related to the job and more on this theory, visit 2bProductive post Nevertheless, Adjusting Attitude at Work.  If you are willing to share other statements you would make, please add them in the comments for this post.  Thanks!

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