We the People See, Poem from Voters to Politicians and Bureaucrats

This is not a political blog.  It does contain patriotic thoughts including freedom of speech (including peaceful protest).  With so many secret meetings by local governments deciding how to spend tax dollars without a residential vote or town meeting type discussions in the last two months, the below reminder poem seems appropriate.

Same goes for state and national representatives stalling on promises to constituents. When a higher office candidate wins the majority vote, common sense would be that most Americans  must want those key issues resolved and political promises fulfilled.

Every elected official should put this poem in his/her office and read it everyday.

We the People See
by Shirley Fine Lee, copyright © 9/20/2017

We the people have our rights
Both federal and state
We the citizens pay our taxes
Both national and local
We the voters must have our say
In how our funds are spent
And that our valuable rights,
We refuse to alter or relent.
We the people pave the way
For all that happens in our nation
And we expect valid explanations.

You, the elected politician
Must represent we,
Who at the polls vote the election.
We see all you do in public
And behind closed doors.
We can find out the bills, laws, and regulations
You endorse which was not our true choice.
We take note of how you spend our funds
And when you purposely avoid our voice.
You, the politician
Can be voted out, just as you are in.
Uphold your office with integrity;

Treat we with respect and honesty.
Pay attention to voting citizens
As in the end with majority vote we will win.
Remember we do see and hear you
And we take note next we vote.

You, the appointed bureaucrat
Must keep in mind the people whose taxes you spend
Or whose rights and laws you are to protect.
Do not believe you are more important than we.
We have the power to elect those
Who can and will cut your budgets,
Reduce your power, or delete your programs.
Do not think you know more than or speak for we!
You, in the bureaucracy,
Pay attention to the tax payer
Because we see and also fund your salary.

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