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I was proud to see so many Texas residents helping out their neighbors during Hurricane Harvey floods.  When asked why they did it, many said “It was the way I was raised” or “We help each other out around here when we see a need.”  I was raised that helping out one’s neighbor was just the “southern” way.  I am proud to also say this is the American way.

How do I know all Americans want to help their neighbors and will unite when faced with natural or terrorist plights?  I saw what “northerners” and other did during 9/11.  The devastation was different, the loss of innocent life greater, yes.  Yet – we united, we cried, we helped, we rebuilt.  We will do it again.

In every bad situation, our first responders, our everyday heroes, and our citizens do not give excuses “It’s the government’s job, so we should stay out of the way.” Or “Let the Bible-thumpers do the helping out because that is what God told them to do.”  Instead everyone pitches in where they can. Real Americans give physical help, donate supplies, provide food, offer shelter, and give money when and where we can.  North, south, east, west, democrat, or republican – stand united as Americans.  Natural or others enemies without or within can only defeat when we are divided by civil unrest.

So how can you help now? If you are physically willing, find a local volunteer group or church sending people to help in the crisis and offer you strength and skills.  If you can provide supplies, again find a local organization, who is providing a gathering and distribution service, and ask to be a volunteer or to be a mini-collection point for bringing in supplies to donation stations.  If you can’t do that, then donate a few of the needed supplies via one of the collection points.  If these ideas are not you, then money is always needed to provide the above plus food and shelter, give to a verified purpose-driven charity or through a local church designating funds, supplies, or volunteer labor for aid.

P.S.  Shame on those who posted fake stories and photos to exploit political agenda, anti-Christian rhetoric, or poking fun at bad situations - just for more hits or views!  Shame on those of us who did not read or look closely for the truth before passing these on via social media.  Shame on those who will further exploit these poor victims via looting, gas hording, fake work orders, and fund stealing scams. 

So proud of Americans, then this sad unpatriotic thing happened less than a month later, fortunately most US citizens were not going to let it go on. 

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