Eighteen Summertime Activity Kits for Kids

Highlights for Different Age Groups
When I and my brothers were in grade school, we needed something to do during summer break.  Besides playing outside with each other and our friends, we needed a few inside activities.  So Mom always ordered Highlights Magazine and a few books from the school’s Scholastic Reading Club flyer before summer break so we got the things in the mail.  We shared the magazine and different ones of us did different mazes, puzzles, and other activities within it.  Mom also made sure we had puzzles, coloring books, board games, comic books, and cards on hand to share.  These items were usually given to one of us as Christmas or birthday presents.  We were expected to entertain ourselves.  My brothers and I would have loved some of the craft kids and learning activities children now have available to fill their time.

When I visited Half Price Nooks, I saw they had lots of children’s activity kits available of the summer. Most were priced around $10, which seems like a great bargain to keep the kids occupied for a few hours.  They also had lot of regular cardboard puzzles containing various numbers of pieces for different age groups, as well as a few large floor puzzles for toddler thru kindergarten ages. For those without an HPB, the 18 activities below are also available on Amazon, some are less than $10 and others are more.  Anyone wanting more educational items should consider using the free Scholastic printable activity sheets to keep children learning during the summer. 

·         Soda Can Robug
·         Build Your Own Minions
·         Finger Print Doodles
·         Catapult Making Kit
·         Paint Your Own Dinosaurs
·         Flying Machines
·         Fun with Clay: Create and Play
·         Stuck on Fun: Pets Playset
·         Craft-tastic Link Scarf Kit
·         Paris in 3D
·         Window Art
·         Discover Nature Dinosaurs
·         Shark Tooth Dig Kit
·         My First Handprint Creations
·         Gaga for Googles

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