Recipe of My Mother’s Love – A Memorial Poem

My Mother and Me in 1979
My beautiful mother passed away last week.  We had her funeral yesterday.  After the funeral, several people asked for a copy of the memorial poem I wrote for her.  I wrote the poem over two years ago, which was the first time we thought we were going to lose her due to an injury she sustained about a month after our Dad’s death.  After she recovered and got stronger, we moved her closer to her children and were blessed with more time to be with her and see her adorable smile.  Please feel free to download or print the “Recipe of My Mother’s Love” poem from the link.

People also asked about the song mom’s youngest granddaughter (my niece) sang at the funeral.  Two years ago, this granddaughter was so happy to have her granny move closer that she spent Mom’s first night with her in her new home, even though it was a school-night.  Back to the song, many said they had not heard “The Prettiest Flower There” before and wanted to get the song.  Click the link for a video of the original artist, Rhonda Vincent, singing this bluegrass song.  You can buy her Sunday Mornin Singin CD or MP3 that contains the song by clicking the CD title link to go to Amazon.  

Mom's Eulogy

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