Shirley’s Simple Cabbage Roll Soup

Do you like cooked cabbage but find it a bit bland?  Do you like cabbage rolls but find them too much work?  Well here is a quick and easy recipe you might like to try.  I was trying to find something to do with cabbage and going through recipe books.  I took what I liked from a few recipes and came up with this Cabbage Roll Soup variation of my own.

1 lb of meat
1 medium onion, chopped
1 pkg cole slaw mix
1 bell pepper (optional)
2 cans lowfat beef stock
1 large can diced tomotaoes
1 cup long grain white rice
Salt and Pepper to taste

1.    Brown meat, onion, and bell pepper in a stew/soup pot, drain fat.
2.    Wilt the lettuce for 2 minutes on top of the meat mix.
3.    Add canned ingredients and seasonings.  Bring to a boil.
4.    Stir in rice and watch for soup to return to boiling.
5.    Then cover pot and cook 40 minutes on simmer.

  • You can us any type of meat you like in this soup.  We prefer a mild pork sausage or hamburger for beef.  I use sage flavored sausage when I make it for my mother. Many similar recipes call for stew meat to be used instead of ground round.  We have also made this with ground turkey or canned chicken.
  • Buy the cole slaw mix that is just cabbage and carrots or use 1/2 head of cabbage finely chopped.  Cabbage mix is usually larger than the slaw version that comes with dressing.  Dressing is not needed. 
  • If you do not do the wilt step, the cabbage acts like dried pasta or rice in a soup.  In other words it soaks up most of the liquid so the soup is more dry with less broth.  So do not skip step 2 above if you like lots of broth!
  • You can use other types of rice like brown or wild if you prefer the taste or nutrition they provide.  Or if you want to make it more low-calorie, leave out the rice.

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