More Chicken Soup Ideas

I shared my Chicken and Rice Soup that my mother loves.  This week we tried a recipe for Chicken Taco Soup that came with Daily Chef canned chicken. We loved it along with the corn bread I made.  My brother described it as having a mild chili taste – both he and Mom love Chili.  I tried to find the 6-can recipe on-line so I could share the link and could not locate it.  So below are the ingredients, which you dump into a crock pot (on high) or Dutch oven (stirring often on medium) to cook for 2 hours.  The chicken is the only can you need to drain.  All the others are not drained so they form your broth portion of soup.  I may try this soup as a beef version by using a pound of browned hamburger meat instead of the chicken.

Chicken Taco Soup Ingredients
1 – 13oz. can Chicken Breast
1 – 11oz. can diced Tomatoes and Chilies
1 – 28oz. can diced Tomatoes
1 – 4oz. can green chilies (I left this out since Mom claims not to like them)
1 – 15oz.can Kidney Beans
1 – 15oz.can Black Beans
1 – 11oz. can Kernel Corn
1 – Pkg Taco Seasoning Mix
1 – Pkg Ranch Dressing Mix.
Optional Garnishes:  tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese , chopped green onions

Here are two creamer versions of the soup, made with a can of cream of chicken soup, which I did find on-line: 7-can Enchilada Soup and 8-can Taco Soup.

GHK February 2015 Issue
I also found several options for new chicken soups in the February 2015 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine on page 132 where they give 5 Ways to Make Chicken Soup using 2 cups of chicken and some broth to create variations. They also give complete instructions for Chicken and Bacon Chowder.  I plan to try all of them with my mother, except for the Coconut-Lime, which has mushrooms and cilantro – she says she does not like those ingredients.  The other soup variations include: Classic Chicken Noodle, Tex-Mex, Tortellini en Brodo, and Lemony Creek Soup.

For my soup/stew recipes with Pork, visit Our Verde Carnitas Soup and Recipe Variation
For my soup recipes with Beef, visit Grandma’s Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

For a soup recipe that can use beef, pork, turkey, or chicken, watch for Cabbage Roll Soup in the future.

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