Poems to Bless a Baby Girl (by a Mom and a Grandmother)

The two poems I am sharing below were written by my grandmother and great-grandmother sometime in 1934 around my Mother’s first birthday.  80 years later, they were found by one of my aunts when going through some of Grandma’s papers and she mailed copies of the poems to my mother.

Baby Girl
by Eva Belle Parrish

She came to me one morning
With her softly golden curls
And a tiny face so wrinkled.
Funniest site in all the world.
But when they gently laid her
In my mother-hungry arms
Why! T’would have took a dictionary
To half describe her charms.
She was tiny, red and wrinkled.
Just the funniest little thing.
But she brought a joy with her
Nothing else on earth can bring.
She opened one eye slyly
And looked right up at me
And I had to hug her closer
For she’s cute as she can be.
No one else could see her beauty.
They plainly told me so
“She’s wrinkled, red, and ugly;
But she’ll improve, you know.”
That’s just what they told me.
But then, they couldn’t see
The hungry, helpless longing
That was taking hold of me.
Nothing else could fill that hunger
Nothing hold such blessed charms
Nothing else could please so wholly
Nothing else could fill my arms
Nothing but a blue-eyed baby
With a head of golden curls
Could ever satisfy me.
She’s my darling baby girl!

NOTE: At bottom of poem my grandma added:  Dedicated to my little baby girl Joyce on September 19, 1934 by her mother.

Baby Joyce
by Martha Elizabeth Thompson

God bless the baby with eyes so blue.
As blue as the skies and
May you ever be true
To the God who gave them to you.

May you grow both bright and strong
And indulge in nothing that is wrong.
And may you ever be happy and free
And never forget the Lord
Who gives sweet things to thee.

God bless you little one
As in the world you go
And always think of me
I love you so!

NOTE:  This shorter poem was written by my great-grandmother, which would be my mom’s grandma.  I was blessed enough to know her too, she died in her late 90’s.

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