Updating Pearls using Multiple Colors, Sizes, and Shapes

It is amazing the color, shape, and size variety in pearls in fashion today.  This is not your grandmother’s classic 18 inch strand of 6-8 mm white or cream pearls in all the same size or graduating from large in the middle to small at the clasp.  Instead young women are going for pearls in various colors from pastels to bights.  Not only are the pearls of different colors fashionable, wearing pearls that have multiple colors is also a way to make a progressive statement.  The color combo that is most stylish for evening wear is called “tuxedo.”  This strand combines the “always in fashion” black (aka peacock) and white alternating with a touch of grey or silver in pearls.

Pearls and combinations in various colors, sizes, and shapes.
Not only are jewelry designers mixing colors, they are also mixing sizes and shapes.  Perfectly round pearls that are about 12mm (about half an inch in diameter) are combined with freshwater pearls that are under 4mm or baroque pearls that are oblong in shape.  Pearls strands are also being enhanced with mother of pearl shapes or other pearls that are biwa (stick) or coin (flat round) types. 

Whether you mix multiple solid color strand (or mix mule-color with solid) or choose to go with different sizes or types, layer pearls is a great fashion “DO.”  Try various combinations to update an outfit for either daytime style or nighttime glamour.   Layer around the neck and on the wrist!  Then come back for pearl withgems as another update option.  Let us know in the comments how you choose to layer and create new looks.

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