Updating Pearls by Mixing with Other Gems and Metals

In the last post on updating pearls, colors, sizes, andshapes of pearls was the fashion topic.  With this post, we take color, shape, and size to the next level by mixing a single size or color of pearl with other gemstones.  The first time I saw this mix, other than in a torsade that mixed pearls with opaque gemstones, it was a medium size pearl mixed with large agates of a contrasting color to make a bold statement in a long strand.  Since then, I have seen long strands of freshwater pearls with transparent/translucent gem chips. I have seen pink pearls with garnet chips, black pearls with amethyst chips, white pearls with peridot chips, and gold pearls with citrine chips.  When looking for a new idea for purchasing birthstone jewelry, check shopping sites for pearls mixed with the stone you are looking for an up-to-date look that should be appreciated by females any age.  
Pearls mixed with other gemstone to create fashion strands..
Something new I also like the look of is mixing beads with metal chains and pendants.  Whether you layer multiple pieces of just two, the look is WOW.  I especially like the look of a 30” or 36” inch strand as a frame for standard gemstone necklace on an 18” or 20” chain.  Find a pearl strand that matches the primary gemstone color as a frame if you want the simplicity and classy look of just pearls.  Or get a strand that combines the classic white or black pearl with the same type of stone or in the same color zone as in the pendant.  This not only frames the pendant to make it more noticeable but it makes a big statement about what type of stones you like to collect or maybe even emphasize your birthstone.

The options for mixing and layering pearls continue to grow.  There seem to be no limit and no wrong way to do it.  Go ahead - mix pearls in with metals and more!  Let us know what you come up with too.

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