Nail Art – Not a New Fashion Fad

Nail Art Kit
Nail art is everywhere on the fingernails of teens, tweens, and their moms or grandmothers!  Is this really a new fashion trend?  Not really!  When I was in high school, we did nail art by painting the nails then doing designs on them with a felt-tip pen in the desired color.  I also remember nail tattoos and decals as a passing fad.  Hey, even flower children of the 60’s dotted flowers onto their nails! 

Now this can be done using tiny bottle of polish that come with a 2-3 hair paintbrush or that have a pen-style top.  Besides polish, you can buy kits, glitter, decorations, tape, stamps, stickers, pens, and tools to do it all!  The kits make great gifts for nail enthusiasts.  Do not forget to stock up on nail polish remover in case you do not like the results.
So is it as hard as it looks? I know people who pay a lot to have it done as well as others who have the courage and creativity to do it themselves.  I did a little research and found some sites for people who want to try it themselves.
·        Nail Art 101 provides step-by-step picture and text beginner tutorials
·        Style Craze offers 50 designs with tips to get the same look
·        Nail Designs offers photos of many ideas from simple to complicated
·        YouTube offers nail art tutorial and designs by nail polish manufacturers and nail artist. 

If you have a link to a favorite art design or “how to”, please share URL in comments of this blog so we can all benefit.

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