New Year Resolution Time Again

TAPP Time Management Book

New Year’s Day is not only the start of a year; many see it as the beginning for a new start in their life.  If you are looking to change the way things are going in your life?  If yes, now is the time to create resolutions and build a plan that you will follow to become the new you that you want to be.  Whether that is to lose weight, write an article or short story, start a home-based business, exercise more, continue your education, or go for a career change – the first step is to decide what you want. 

After you know what it is you want to change in your life, write it down as a resolution or a goal.  Then the next step involves creating a workable and realistic plan to make it really happen.  The key to improvement and reaching goals is proper planning.  After planning, work the plan by putting measurable items on your calendar or in a goal tracking application like IRUNURUN, where you can see them at the beginning or end of each day in order to make sure the desired steps get done.  Time management and understanding your priorities is very important to getting what you want, so make appointments with yourself and keep working towards your plan. 

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